Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Want to add an e-commerce solution but do you know what you need!

First decide what do you need and how you want things to be done before you start finding an e-commerce solution. Plan every detail in advance to make the working in future easy. Many a times a firm goes for e-commerce solution because it’s free or because it’s recommended by their website designer. Let your designer choose the e-commerce solution for you but only if they know what you need and are aware of all the available options and are used to working with many e-commerce solutions instead of working with one or two.
Firstly prepare a list of what do you want your e-commerce solution to have and rank them according to their priority. Decide which features are important and you must incorporate and on which features you can compromise.  Be sure how you want shipping to be done, what features your payment gateway will have to make everything less complex and easy. Some of the e-commerce solutions are more users friendly then others. Always try a demo first before making a final choice. If you have any queries, you can look at all the support options available.

Decide what payment methods you will accept among the various that are present in the market. This is important to decide because not all e-commerce solution works with all payment gateways.

How you will ship your products? You will tie up with a courier company or will have your own cabs and means to deliver items. How you will make your e-commerce website attractive, what sort of gifts and offers you will provide or you will provide your customer with discounts to stand out of the competition. How you want your cart to be designed? Will you do instant delivery of your products? These are some questions whose answers need to be decided before opting for an e-commerce solution. 

Decide your budget to see if you can afford a particular solution or not. You need to pay for the designer, the license and the support cart you have chosen. Confirm if you can manage your whole website with e-commerce solution or just the products. Some carts have the feature where you can add informational pages while others provide add on solutions where you can add small buttons to your existing website but keeps all the informational pages on a different website.

Lastly compare the features one by one to your list of needs and you'll be able to find the one that will work best for your website and the one you need. Webrecsol provides e-commerce solution to its client worldwide. For more information visit