Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Search Engine Optimization & Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it says, it is a process to create web pages optimization for various search engine, so that they can be better sorted and accessible to are prospect client and users. The process of SEO involves optimization of code and structuring them to avoid problems which could become hindrance in reaching or to be accessible to web user. Fixing these problems will lead to hierarchical structure and indexing program and improve accessibly of web spider. Web spider are nothing but structural programs which reads HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) pages and later provide relevant information to search engines for creating sorted link of HTML pages.

SEO is used for marketing strategy and targeting prospect users or clients. The process of SEO involves various things write from content writing to technical and structural code generation. Here are few tips for them.

Improving website accessibility: Making website more accessible by improving navigation, creating content with the use of keyword related to content, designing web pages and table-less layout development, using images with “alt” and “title” tag, developing website using web colors and making web page accessible to WCAG(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Standards.

Optimizing Hyperlink: For better accessibility title tag should be provided in all hyper links stating where it will lead to and also making link more meaningful eg. “optimizing_link.html” make more sense then “op102.html”.

Optimizing Image: Image optimization will lead to lesser download time and better web user experience. According to various survey reports web user are very impatient and very quickly shift to other websites. So better optimized images will lead to lesser download time. Also providing “alt” and “title” tags will provide information to the web user even if the image is visible or downloaded properly.

Improving Internet traffic: Above measures will improve your accessibility of your web page to web spiders and help in better ranking of your website. But there some more measure which can help increasing traffic and better page ranking by structuring and improving code standards. Keyword and Meta tags will also play an important role.

Submitting website to search engines: Although search result generated by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. varies in there classification of web page and sort result accordingly. But these tips surely improve your web page ranking and listing. For more further improvement you have to submit your website and web pages to various search engines.
There are various SEO Tools which can help you improve website and web page ranking. Broadly classified into following categories:

Web Analysis Tools: These tools analysis web pages, search engine ranking and highlight error possible errors, tools like Similar Page Checker, seo-tools, Check web rank etc.

Directory Search Tools: These tools help in better optimization and how web page would be analysis by search engine. Following are the tools: Search Engine Spider Simulator, webmaster-toolkit etc.

Meta Tag/Keyword generation Tools: These tools help in generating relevant keyword for website or web page so that it can improve web ranking for various search engines. Tools like: Keyword Density Checker, Keyword Generator, Keyword Analysis, Meta tag etc.

Search Engine Submitting Tools: As it says, these tools help in submitting web page or website to various search engines, namely: Search Engine Submitting, Add URL etc.


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